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Khabario monitores important and effective news for you, from over 1000 news agencies, to allow you to make quick and accurate decisions for you and your business.

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Are you an organization? Get advance analysis and business trends of your business with Cloud vocabulary, news bulletins, news release and alert tools.
Are you a personal user? Get your news Summarized and useful on your own page or telegram.
Do you own a website or an app? With the Web API, your website or app will automatically be updated.

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Are you tracking multiple keywords? Create multiple groups from different vocabulary chains and personalize your monitoring resources for specific-site monitoring.

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Are you tired of reading repetitive news and do not have time? Khabario prevents wasting of time by summarization news tool and merging repetitive republished news.

Conceptual and statistical analysis

Get advance news analysis!

Do you want a short comprehensive report of all news? ? Khabario helps you make the right decision for your business by providing Semantic analysis and trends in a conceptual and statistical news bulletin.

Why khabario?

Detecting user's news preference and presenting news bulletins

Providing news in the context of API, telegram and …

Summarization and detecting repetitive news

Advanced Semantic Analysis and Finding Trends

Khabario’s special plans

For better use of our services, we have different plans for you according to different needs.


  • News agile browser
  • News summarization
  • Clean news
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  • Specifying keywords
  • Personal categorization
  • Warning Keywords
  • Getting news on the telegram
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  • News bulletin
  • Semantic analysis
  • News release tool
  • Monitoring Telegram
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  • Custom monitoring capability
  • Social medias monitoring
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What is khabario?

Khabario provides for you important and effective news analysis with trends in more than1000 news agencies

How khabario can help me?

It is not different you are an enterprise, personal user or owner of a website or app? If you do not have time and you can’t find the right news and resources from a huge amount of resources, Khabario will help you by understanding what you need and provide the appropriate tools for it.

Is it possible to delete, add, and personalize monitoring resources?

? Yes, it's possible to customize your sites and domains. If the site you are looking for is not listed simply add it.

How can Knowing trends help me

At each moment, there are thousands of significant and influential small and large changes taking place that we are not aware of them. Reading analysis, semantic analysis, and displaying Cloud vocabulary of trends are essential in making the right decision to achieve your goals.

What benefits does your organization have?

In the era of communications, the organizations will be more successful than their rivals who have the power and ability to predict, analyze, process, and organize information and news. Easy access to the news you need at any moment, and the correct use of it will guide your organization to have the right strategy and plan.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to Password Recovery and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you to recovery your password.

what should l do If l don’t receive registration email?

If you do not receive a confirmation email after your registration, you will face " you do not have access (401)" message!, contact support@khabario.com to solve this problem.

Is there a possibility to get a refund?

Our biggest support is customer satisfaction. For your convenience and use of our efficient tools experience, returning your payment is guaranteed. If you are not happy with the news, you can get your money back.